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What happens here?

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy holiday shopping season from Building Diagnostics

Thanksgiving morning and the local paper arrived at approximately 20 times its normal weight. The sales fliers will be recycled (in our house) or tossed in the trash. The next batch will arrive on Saturday and Sunday.

I was thinking about the cost and resources used to bring all this to my door and what I would like to see from stores this holiday season.  Using my awesomely nonexistent page design skills I made a display ad I'd like to see stores run in the papers instead of being inundated with glossy (and heavy!) inserts. If you happen to be the CEO of a store big or small and you'd like to use a version of this feel free. Consider it open source :-)

Store Name

A word with our customers in this holiday season

We would like to announce that this holiday season we are devoting the money we would have used on countless glossy sales fliers to feeding the hungry and providing shelter to the homeless.

We have also decided that we will keep reasonable hours, remain closed on holidays and encourage our employees to volunteer, with pay, for 2 - 4 hours a week, at local social service agencies. Our employees are all paid a wage that allows them to care for their families and not be a burden on the community.

Rest assured, dear customers, that we will still be offering excellent products at fair and very reasonable prices. We will work with our suppliers to offer the best prices we can; but we will not jeopardize our ability to serve the community as outlined above.

We hope that by making this commitment to our community we can earn your trust, your business and perhaps even your respect.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season. Please remember that this is a season for giving, but not to the point of financial stress. If finances do not allow you to give many material gifts we suggest a gift of hugs and caring. We have free hug gift cards available throughout our store.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your community.

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